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I’ve talked about April Anson and her tiny house before. She’s a Ph.D. graduate who decided to go tiny for economic reasons since there were no jobs in her field. Living in a tiny house has made things better for her.

With the cost savings from her decision to be living tiny she’s able to travel to more conferences she enjoys, she can buy and read more books, and she just gets to have more personal freedom.

Otherwise, April says, she’d be having to spend  up to 75% of her income on rent. And that’s no way to get ahead.

Ph.D. Grad Benefits from Living in a Tiny House

Image © TheTinyHouseFilm

I encourage you to watch the quick tour as she talks about living tiny in the video below:

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April is a graduate student in English at the University of Oregon.

In this video she’s interviewed on her decision to live in a tiny house on wheels.

Oregon Student Living the Tiny Life

At 19’x8′ the home is just 130-square-feet including the sleeping loft.

It’s got a tiny covered porch and you walk right into the main room. It’s a classic Tumbleweed tiny house design.

Interview: April Anson on Living in a Tiny Home

april tiny house interview

Photo by Matt Cooper

She says it’s about 114 square feet but I don’t think that includes the loft. It’s 130 including that according to Tumbleweed’s plans.

Using Reclaimed Materials to Build Tiny AND Green

Everything except the studs, shingles, roof and interior walls came from recycled materials.

The flooring came from bleachers from an old gym! Pretty cool, huh?

Welcome to April’s Tumbleweed Tiny House…

aprils tiny house

Photo Credits April Anson

Come on in! Join us for the complete photo tour (and video interview) below:

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