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This is the Core Camper. It’s a lightweight camper that’s built like a high quality tiny house using SIPs (structurally insulated panels) and you can have one built brand new for you for only $18,000 from Core Housing Solutions.

These are the same people behind some of the most affordable and very durable tiny homes on wheels that are on the market. And they’re built in Florida by Andrew Bennett and his wonderful company. By the way, it only weighs only 2300 pounds.

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Lightweight SIP-built Tiny House/Camper for 18k (NEW) – The Core Camper by Core Housing Solutions

Lightweight SIP-built Tiny House Camper for 18k by Core Housing Solutions 001

Images © Core Housing Solutions

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This is the story of a real tiny house community in Florida (it’s not a vacation park). It’s called Circle Pond Tiny Home Community and it’s located in Ruskin, Florida and today we can have a peek inside thanks to Andrew Bennett of Core Housing Solutions.

In the video tour below, the owner of the community talks about the diversity of the people who live there and how they’ve developed such a wonderful tight-knit community. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t wait to see more stories like this.

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A real tiny house community in Ruskin, Florida

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This is a speech that’s actually titled, Tiny Houses Make for an Extraordinary Life with Andrew Bennett at TEDxEustis. He’s the man behind Core Housing Solutions (builder of affordable THOWs) and he’s been designing and building tiny houses for many years now.

In this talk, Andrew shares how going tiny can create space in your life for new experiences in your life. And although I don’t think you must move into a tiny house to create more space for experiences in your life, he’s still right. Tiny houses, for the right persons at the right time in their life, can have an incredibly positive impact. How do I say it better than that?

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Andrew Bennett TEDx Talk – Tiny Houses Make for an Extraordinary Life

How tiny homes can offer you an extraordinary lifestyle

Screenshot via TEDx Talks/YouTube

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This is to announce and invite you to represent the tiny house movement this June 1, 2019, at the National Mall near the U.S. Capitol alongside Zack Giffin of Tiny House Nation, Andrew Bennett of Core Housing Solutions, Ben Carson, secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (also known as HUD) secretary, and others where affordable housing seems to be a topic of concern.

The event is called the Innovative Housing Showcase and it is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). If you are a builder, designer, engineer, or inventor, it may not be too late to get involved as an exhibitor. Here’s a link to the application. The exhibit takes place at the National Mall.

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Come represent the tiny house movement at the US Capital at the Innovative Housing Showcase (free to the public)

Innovative Housing Showcase via Hud-gov

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This is an affordable tiny house with a main floor bedroom called the Dragonfly tiny house. It’s a 34.5-foot tiny home built on a trailer by Core Housing Solutions (UPDATE: This company has gone out of business). It’s built with structurally insulated panels which give you great insulation, a strong build, and lighter overall weight.

This tiny house is designed to be as maintenance-free as possible. So the exterior doesn’t need to be constantly maintained, recaulked, or even repainted because it’s a chemically bonded steel skin with a powder-coated finish so you’re good to go! If you want low-cost and low-maintenance, this seems like the way to go. Another really cool feature about this unit is that the house itself is designed to be removable from the trailer just in case your local laws require your tiny house to be on a more permanent foundation.

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Affordable 34.5-Foot Tiny House by Core Housing Solutions – Up to TWO Main Floor Bedrooms

Affordable Tiny House – 34ft with Main Floor Bedroom Built by Core Housing Solutions

Photos via Andrew Bennett/YouTube | Core Housing Solutions

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I’m excited about sharing this 8′ x 16′ tiny house for sale with you because the asking price is only $22,000 (update: SOLD). Plus it’s really cool, creative, and has some unique features.

Most notably it has a large honeymoon-style bathtub which is super rare in tiny houses on wheels. In addition it has a custom murphy style queen bed that you can flip up and down (and so you don’t have to use a sleeping loft at all).

You’ll also find a kitchen with an apartment size refrigerator, separate bathroom with RV flush toilet, a bench with storage, systems for multi-functional tables, built-in storage throughout, and more. It was built by Trekker Trailers.

A couple had it custom built by Trekker Trailers but they are now starting a family and are going to need more space so Trekker Trailers is helping them sell it. If you’re interested in buying it contact Andrew Bennett (the current owner/builder).

128 Sq. Ft. Honeymoon Tiny House For Sale


Image © TrekkerTrailers

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