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This 1984 Motorhome to DIY Tiny Ski Chalet is a guest post by Mason Basten – share yours here

I started a project back in Nov 2014. I pulled it out of the shop and unveiled it to the world on Jan 2, 2015. My wife and four children, and myself have been following the tiny house movement for several years now. We purchased a 1984 Toyota Camper with a 22 R cylinder back in 2006.

After, what I thought at the time were some serious renovations, we hit the road, traveling all over the east coast, primarily in the mountains year round. As the years past, our family grew from the two of us to the six of us. In 2013 my wife and I decided it was time to upgrade. So, we purchased a small early 70s pull behind camper trailer. I paid $50 for this trailer and upon returning home my wife referred to it as an Appalachian mobile meth lab (a man of questionable status had been living in it for some years). I immediately went to work tearing it down to the shell, I then framed up four individual bunk cots with custom portholes and dry erase boards, 2 secret storage compartments, ample 12 volt and 1-10 power, ample hanging storage, a large table.

Man Turns 1984 Toyota Motorhome into DIY Tiny Ski Chalet

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Images © Mason Basten

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Yuri decided to build a tiny house for many reasons.

Lots of us want to move into a small space so we can gain more freedom in our lives.

Maybe so we can have more time to even just do the simple things…

Like read, write, reflect, spend time with our families, and toy around with our hobbies/interests.

After all, that’s what life is really all about.

Aluminum Tiny House on Wheels with Sliding Loft & Glass Loft

Images: Aluminum Tiny House

And with a tiny home, you can free up lots of your time for those things.

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