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This is the story of a couple who are living in a 1978 Airstream Tiny Home. When they got tired of living paycheck to paycheck, they decided to make a big change.

So George and Melanie decided that they would live in an Airstream travel trailer to pursue their dreams of a simple life and the opportunity for George to pursue his career in art. After doing some research, they found an Airstream on Craigslist and bought it for $5,000. And with a budget of about $1,500, they fixed it up to suit their needs.

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Couple Living in ’78 Airstream Tiny Home

Couple Living in 78 Airstream Tiny Home 001a

Images © A Small Life

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This is the story of a man who renovated his 70s Airstream into an awesome tiny home on wheels that he now lives in with his daughter.

It’s a 1976 Airstream Ambassador. It measures 30′ from the rear to the hitch and offers about 28′ of space inside. From the outside, it still looks like a classic Airstream travel trailer. When you go inside, you’ll find a unique living area with a kitchen, daybed, dining table that converts into a bed, a bathroom, and plenty of storage throughout.

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Man Renovates 70s Airstream into Father/Daughter Tiny Home

70s Airstream Renovation Dad and Daughter Living Simply 001

Images © Houzz via HouzzTV/YouTube

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