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This is Wundertow. It’s the story of a young family living and traveling full time in a 1977 Airstream that they renovated.

We are a family of 3 who decided to ditch the rat race, get rid of most of our “stuff” and take-on fulltime living on the road while traveling the U.S.1

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Family Living and Traveling in a 1977 Airstream!

Wundertow Family Living and Traveling in 1977 Airstream 001

© Wundertow

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This couple lives, works and wanders while living in a van!

From the outside, you’ll notice a white van equipped with lots of accessories. When you go inside, you’ll find the couch/bed, a kitchenette, and plenty of creative storage. Watch the video below to hear an interview with the couple about their adventurous tiny life!

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Interview: Couple’s Live Work Wander Life Living in a Van!


Images © Overland Bound via YouTube

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