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Ellie was working day and night in DC, wishing and waiting for the day she could travel again. She grew up overseas and couldn’t help but feel that wanderlust.

After five years of saving and a couple months building out her 2005 Sprinter, she and her cat, Moose, hit the road. Moose is the coolest cat because he goes kayaking and hiking with Ellie! While she occasionally misses the conveniences of city life, she wouldn’t trade them for the freedom she has!

Plus, she lives in a stunning van complete with live-edge countertops and an L-shaped kitchen. Don’t miss Tiny Home Tour’s video interview with Ellie (and Moose) below.

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Life on the Road with Moose The Adventure Cat

DIY Sprinter Van Tour – Insights Into Full Time Solo Female Vanlife 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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