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This 250 square foot adobe dome getaway in Terlingua, Texas is the perfect spot for stargazing. It’s located in one of the few remaining territories with a “dark sky” ordinance, meaning there will be no light pollution to ruin your views of the Milky Way or a lovely sunrise!

The interior of the structure is cozy and eclectic, with arched windows for a cross-breeze, a double bed, and kitchen area with a stove, fridge, and sink.

While there is solar power to run the onsite refrigerator and charge phones/laptops, it won’t run a hairdryer. There’s also a composting toilet and solar bag shower, with options for paid showers in town. There is running water, but should be used sparingly. You’re not too far away from Big Bend National Park, so once it opens up again this sounds like a great headquarters! Book your stay on Airbnb.

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See The Milk Way in this Off-Grid Adobe Dome

Off-Grid Adobe Dome Getaway with Milky Way Views

Images via Airbnb

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