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What would you do to make your dreams reality? Are you willing to do the complete opposite of everybody else to build your dream lifestyle?

For the last year Vince has been living in his van in the sprawling city of Los Angeles. In his blog, Vince Van Go, he shares his true-life experiences while van dwelling in the city. When we first heard of Vince we were curious. So we asked him, “why did you start living out of a van? How has his life changed since doing it? And now that it’s been a year, what’s the rest of the plan look like? Have the benefits of living in a van been worth the challenges? And do you recommend this lifestyle to others who also want to pursue their dreams?” All of these questions, and more, are answered in the interview with Vince Van Go-Go below.

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Vince Van Go! Aspiring Actor Embraces Van Dwelling Lifestyle

Vince Van Go

Please enjoy our exclusive interview with Vince Van Go below:

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