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It’s hard to find a tiny house already on land that you can rent or purchase, and this gorgeous double loft tiny house on wheels has a prime location at Acony Bell Tiny Home Community in North Carolina. You can take over the lease for the lot, at $700/month, and enjoy the private location that faces the gorgeous woods. Most homes in the community are lined up, with a nice buffer between them, but this one sits apart against the edge of the village.

You enter the home in the living room, which includes a couch and seating for two that looks out the window. A U-shaped kitchen takes up one end of the home, while a bathroom sits at the other end, with a tiled shower stall and washer/dryer unit. The house has two queen-sized lofts, and one is easily accessible via stairs with a neat pipe railing I’ve never seen before! You can purchase the home for $115,000 and take over the lot lease. What do you think?

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317 Sq. Ft. Park Model with Dual Lofts

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