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Here’s a 128 square foot tiny home for sale in Germantown, New York. The adorable blue & yellow little house comes with the deck if you want to dissemble it.

Inside, there’s a little storage bench seat in the living area, right next to the compact kitchen that includes a micro oven and micro wood stove. The bedroom is up in the loft and there’s a bathroom with a composting toilet and tiled shower. The owner has lived in it for 3 years and is selling now for $50,000.

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$50K Tiny Home w/ Deck in New York

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We hear it a lot, that tiny homes are too expensive for most people who really need them, and while there is a lot that goes into the sometimes-“high” price of tiny homes, we still love coming across a great deal! Check out this 8×12 tiny that’s selling for $10,900 in Pueblo, Colorado.

With 128 square feet, this is a simple tiny with a loft bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area. Nothing overly fancy, but everything you need for living a minimalist life — and it’s cute too! Do be warned the mini-split needs some repairs. You can contact the seller at Tiny House Marketplace!

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Colorado 8×16 Tiny House Prototype For Sale! (Sold)

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