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These are the plans for your very own 8×12 Walden Cabin created by Lamar over at Simple Solar Homesteading. The base cabin can sleep up to 4 people in just 96 square feet, and it includes a bathroom with a toilet and shower!

Lamar’s plans also include an optional 9×8 addition to the cabin, which can be added on later, and instructions on how to build a deck and patio on your dwelling.

Even buying all new materials, you can build the 8×12 portion of the cabin — insulated, drywall, foundation, and roofing — for just $2,000 according to Lamar’s calculations.

Note: Lamar does not sell pre-built cabins, but you can buy his plans for it here for just $5!

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Lamar’s 8×12 Walden Cabin (Plans available)

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