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Tilde Potoms is sharing this 8×12 tiny house design with us as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest.

In this design there is a foldout table under the bed which was inspired by this toggle bed.

Almost all the storage is in the floor which is pretty cool, right? Please enjoy the tiny house design below.

Update: New photos added (thanks Tilde!)

Tilde Potoms’ 8×12 Tiny House Design


Images © Tilde Potoms

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Dennis Main shares his 8×12 tiny home office design concept with you as part of our 8×12 tiny house design contest with Deek of RelaxShacks.com.

Hi. I’m Dennis Main, micro house enthusiast since I first read Ken Isaac’s Living Structures book in the ’70’s.

I’ve attached a scan of my entry – but like everything else I do, some explanations goes with it.

– I did as much as I could come up with to make it a micro that one person could live in long term.

– The structure is plywood over 2×4. The interior partitions are 3/4 plywood, to save some space. There’s a covered patio on two sides. Here in California, you can enjoy a patio almost year round.

Dennis Main’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Image © Dennis Main

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Steve Gourley is sharing his 8×12 tiny house design with us as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest. I’ll let Steve explain his design with you.

Dear Alex and Derek,

     First let me thanks you both for being a positive force in the Tiny House world. I am currently building a 8×12 Tiny House on a friends lake in the Lynchburg, VA area. I plan on using it as a hunting, fishing, and relaxing spot. I am also using it as a test bed to try out solar, rain collecting, etc. (totally off grid). I plan on building another tiny house to live in one day soon.  I have built most of it with salvaged materials. I am in the process of putting on the metal roof and siding. I am really looking forward to finishing the inside. I have attached a few pictures as well as my floor plan which more than likely will be modified especially after reading and seeing articles on both your websites. Keep up the good work guys.  Again, thanks for the inspirations and the work you do.

Steve Gourley’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Images © Steve Gourley

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