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Meet John. He’s a 75-year-old man who built this awesome tiny house truck for him and his wife to travel the world in.

Even better, they even use it as their primary home when in Homer, Alaska.

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75 Year Old Man’s Tiny House Truck

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Bette Presley, of Arroyo Grande, was already living relatively small before she decided to go tiny.

She downsized from her Grandmothers’ Club mobile home park into her own Tumbleweed Tiny House of just 166 square feet.

Part of the goal, she says, is to save her five adult children from having to go through all of her belongings when she passes.

Even better, she hopes she can completely avoid having to go into a nursing home and instead, just stay in her beautiful Tumbleweed cabin.

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72-year-old Woman goes Tiny: Simple Retirement in a 166 Sq. Ft. Cabin

Image Credit: Gayle Cuddy for The Tribune

Since the clutter is now gone, she can enjoy nature, live simply, and enjoy her family more.

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