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This is the cozy Chalet Tiny House on Wheels by Molecule Tiny Homes in Santa Cruz, California.

The build includes stunning details like adorable arched doors and windows and an off-the-loft balcony! I love the stonework in the kitchen and bathroom, and it even has excellent safety rails on the stairs and bedroom loft. Plus, those little green shutters are just adorable.

See contact details for the builder below!

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Cozy Chalet Tiny Cottage on Wheels by Molecule Tiny Homes

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This is the Classic Double Loft Model by Rich’s Portable Cedar Cabins.

This model costs between $65,000 and $70,000 depending on finishes.

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Classic Double Loft by Rich’s Portable Cedar Cabins

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This is a Habitats Tiny Home with a bay window.

It’s currently for sale for $70,000.

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Habitats Tiny Home with Bay Window For Sale

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