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When this teenager needed to get out of the house, Molecule Tiny Homes came to the rescue to help the family build this 6×10 treehouse-inspired tiny home that’s 16′ tall!

Best of all, it was built using mostly scrap materials and reclaimed lumber. Even better, it only took them a week to finish it! Talk about professionals…

If you’re interested in something like this (NOT on wheels) it’s possible for Molecule to design and build a similar unit for you and it can be transported on its side to your location. Pretty cool, right?

How would you like to have this tiny little escape in your backyard? I’d rent my house out and move in the backyard to live rent-free while someone else helps pay the mortgage! How about you? Either way- please enjoy and re-share this one with your tiny house friends below. Thanks!

6×10 Treehouse Inspired Tiny Home Built w/ Scrap Materials


Images © Molecule Tiny Homes

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I thought you’d like to know about this Colorado Tiny House for sale. (Update: SOLD)

It’s a really small minimalist cabin built on a 6’x10′ single axle trailer.

You can use it as an off grid micro house or a mortgage-free backyard guest house.

Or you might even be able to find a campsite to park it at and live simply out of it that way.

74 Square Feet Tiny House For Sale


© Matt Larson

Learn more including how to buy it (and how much) below:

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