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This 600 Sq. Ft. Cottage on Farm in Mexico is a guest post by Michael Mckenna – share yours!

Tiny houses in Mexico…why Mexico? Why not build in a climate that is sunny most of the year and a pleasant 80 degrees with little humidity.

So pleasant that neither heat nor air conditioning is required. The utility costs are minimal here. The property taxes are $100 per year. Sound good?

At Simple Choice Farm you can either rent a 600 sq. ft. cottage for $550 US per month including utilities.  Or buy a 600 sq. ft. cottage for $80,000 US that including the land.

Located in the mountains of central Mexico, the property has a pool, hot tub, and huge circular gardens with vegetables for the picking. Presently I have 2 homes for sale and I’m building 4 more rental units.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

600 Sq. Ft. Cottage on Farm in Mexico

600 Sq. Ft. House on Farm in Mexico-001

Images © Michael Mckenna

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Check out this two-story fairytale cob cottage nestled in the woods of Mayne Island in British Columbia. For a cob home, this one looks amazing to live in full time. I personally, love the textured stone flooring.

Downstairs is the living area with glass sliding doors that open to the beautiful stone courtyard to expand the living area outdoors. An indoor fireplace keeps the home warm during the weather. The kitchen has lots of counter space and a built-in dining table. The cozy bathroom has a built-in wood shelf for towels and other wood details. Up the Douglas-fir stairs is the bedroom with an outdoor balcony and skylights to provide tons of natural sunlight. Could you live in a cob cottage like this one full time? Please enjoy and share below.

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Two-Story Fairytale Cob Cottage


Images via Alexis/Airbnb

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