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Back in 2016, Lindsay was tired of the urban young adult scene of finding bars and drinking. After going to Austin with a friend and seeing tons of Airstreams, she made a 6 month plan to get her own — and then bought one three weeks later!

After about two years in the Airstream, she upgraded to a super neat 4×4 adventure rig on a flatbed truck. This housetruck comes complete with a spacious bathroom with shower and toilet — Lindsay says she has no problem admitting she’s not trying to “rough it.” She has her blow dryer and hair straightener and plenty of clothes. And that has set her up for success!

She was already working remotely before hitting the road, so now she’s able to “live everywhere” and make money while she’s exploring! Enjoy the interview from Tiny Home Tours below.

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Lindsay’s 4 Years on the Road in Her EarthRoamer

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