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Wow! This is such a beautiful build from MitchCraft Tiny Homes, with incredible craftsmanship on the exterior siding and tons of clever details inside.

At 32′ x 8′, this 256 square foot gooseneck is still road-legal without any special permits. There’s plenty of storage inside with hidden drawers and cubbies, and even a brilliant fold-down ladder to the second loft!

The buyer, Nicole, has a bedroom in the gooseneck where there’s lots of storage and space to stand up and get dressed. Take a look at the full photo tour below.

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All You Need is This 32×8 Gooseneck by MitchCraft

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This is a 32′ Gooseneck Westbury model by Cornerstone Tiny Homes in Florida.

I love the mix and match shingles and clapboards on the outside of the home, but the inside is where the magic is! This tiny does a great job creating a separate living room over the gooseneck, and the bedroom on the other side is easily accessible by a super creative stair maze! But to be honest, it’s the glamorous kitchen that sold me on this unit. This home was custom-built, but you can purchase both a shell and finished version of this model. Watch the video walkthrough below!

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32′ Gooseneck Westbury with Awesome Living Room

Images via Cornerstone Tiny Homes

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