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This petite cottage is story-book worthy with it’s tremendous cupola and English garden landscaping in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Outside, you’ll notice traditional blue clapboarding featuring a stunning navy door.

When you step inside, you’ll find gorgeous pine ceilings and cream and blue decor that present a far more chic, and city feel than you might expect. The queen-sized bed is flanked by built-in closets. In the main living area, you’ll find a stovetop and a raised metallic sink beside the dishwasher. The cozy built-in couch sits set to a glass tabletop with a modern chair for extra seating. Inside, you can expect all the luxuries of home – including fluffy towels and a private bath with a full shower.

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285 Sq. Ft. Petite Cottage

285 Sq. Ft. Petite Cottage You Can Vacation In

Images © Cabot Cove Cottages

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