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Tru Form tiny just released a tour of one of their gorgeous custom homes which they built for a couple in Washington who just got a spot in a local tiny house community. This home totally bucks the “white shiplap” tide with its bold colorful interior of deep navy blue contrasted with warm acacia wood.

There’s a really cozy reading nook over a bump out built on the tongue of the trailer, a loft bedroom with a little built-in office, and a lovely galley kitchen with a drawer dishwasher. Enjoy it below!

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Deep Navy 28-foot Tiny House by Tru Form Tiny

Custom and Colorful 28-ft. Kootenay by Tru Form Tiny

Images: TruForm Tiny

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Welcome to “The Bison,” a lovely 28 ft tiny house with not one, but two king-sized lofts that are connected by a catwalk (with a saftey railing!). This is such a great option for a family with kids, or anyone who wants easy access between lofts.

Personally, I’m here for the gorgeous black honeycomb tiles that act as a heat-block for the wood stove! Can we just talk about the craftsmanship that goes into installing the wall siding and flooring around all those angles? Impressive job, Modern Tiny Living!

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28 ft. Sage Green Farmhouse THOW

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Wanting a discount on a tiny house? You’re in luck! Cheeky Monkey is offering $1,500 off all of their 28’ and 32’ tiny home models through the month of June.

One of those models is the “Roomy Retreat” which we’ve shown you in the past. It’s the one with the really cool living room loft with bedroom cubby underneath. Scroll below to see some interior shots of two different Roomy Retreats built by Cheeky Monkey.

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Bedroom Cubby in this 28 or 32 ft. THOW

Roomy Retreat 6

Images via Cheeky Monkey

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The Gallaway Tiny House on Wheels — built by Modern Tiny Living — is 28 feet of gorgeous craftsmanship. There’s a tiny porch that leads into a rarely-seen-in-THOWs mudroom, where you can hang up your coat and put away your shoes.

Part of the kitchen is a breakfast nook with huge windows to let in the morning sun. While the color scheme is bright and white, the deep teal cabinets add a pop of color. Conjoined staircases (with oodles of storage) take you up to each loft, and a catwalk (complete with cat door) connect the lofts.

In the bathroom you’ll find a washer/dryer unit, toilet and shower. Enjoy the photo and video tours below, and contact the builder here to get one of your very own!

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This Tiny House Has an Awesome Catwalk & A Mudroom!

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