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Meet Trysh and Saul Martinez and their self-built $25,000 THOW. If you just showed me pictures of the home and had me guess how much it cost, I would have easily said somewhere between $70k-$90k. Somehow using mostly reclaimed materials and Craigslist finds, the couple managed to build a tremendous tiny house without taking on debt to get it.

A few super cool features include the 7-foot-long drawers they tucked under the kitchen for clothing and shoe storage, and a closet loft entirely dedicated to hanging clothing. Those two features allowed them to have very little wall storage, leaving the place feeling beautiful and open.

They work as rehabilitation therapists in San Diego (@tryshka on Instagram), and despite a difficult search, found a place to park their home in the metropolis via Craigslist. We got to do a Q&A with the couple, which you can read at the end of the post, and we also included a link to their video tour with Living Big in a Tiny House.

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Trysh & Saul’s $25k DIY Tiny Home in San Diego

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