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We R Tiny Homes is a new tiny house builder based in Wichita, Kansas and they just completed their first awesome tiny house build! The 24-foot THOW has a popular farmhouse-style interior, with shiplap walls, wood-appearance flooring, and floating shelves. It’s for sale for $59,500.

I love that they lit each individual stair up to the loft! That has to be handy for making any bathroom runs middle-of-the-night. There’s a roomy loft bedroom, and the bathroom has a washer, shower stall, and RV toilet. Check it out below.

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24-ft. Farmhouse-Style Tiny House on Wheels in Kansas

We R Tiny Homes First Build 7

Images via We R Tiny Homes

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New Frontier Tiny Homes calls their Cornelia model the “Artist’s Muse” and it’s easy to see why. Complete with a fold-down writer’s desk and wrap-around shelving, this cozy 24-foot THOW is the perfect space to write America’s next great novel (or some blog posts).

Designer David Latimer (@davidlatimer_ on Instagram) created the house for bestselling author Cornelia Funke, and now you can have a replica. The loft bedroom features 270-degree views which definitely helps the claustrophobia factor, and the ladder rolls all around the house, making it easy to access books or knickknacks stored on the shelves.

Enjoy the photo tour below, and be sure to check out more from New Frontier Tiny Homes.

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The Cornelia: 24 ft Artist’s Muse on Wheels Built for Bestselling Author by New Frontier Tiny Homes


© New Frontier Tiny Homes/StudioBuell Photography

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