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This is a gorgeous 22 ft Verve by Tru Form Tiny, built as an aging-in-place “granny pad” so this client could live near her son.

The home features a ground-floor bedroom tucked in a corner of large picture windows so there is no loft-climbing necessary! The galley kitchen features a large refrigerator and a two-burner cooktop. Best of all, there’s a little laundry station over the washer/dryer combo unit with the most charming decorations — it almost makes me want to do laundry! Take the photo tour below and get in touch with Tru Form Tiny for your own Verve model (starting at $45,900).

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Woman Chooses 22 Ft Verve For Her Retirement Home

Aging-in-Place 22 Ft Verve by Tru Form Tiny (In a Tiny House Village!)

Images via Tru Form Tiny

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