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Step back in time and spend a few days at this Land Girls WWII Tin Cabin tiny vacation rental in England.

Built in 1940, it’s been newly-renovated but decorated with vintage pieces from the period, making it feel like you entered a time machine when you walk through the front door. There’s even a bomb shelter on site! The Land Girls were “young women put to work in agriculture to help with the war effort” and this quaint spot once housed them.

Get more details about the home and history below, but first, enjoy the picture tour of the tiny space. Book your stay at Under the Thatch! With a special voucher code, Tiny House Talk readers get £50 off a stay in this property if you make a booking before July 31, 2017. Details below!

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Land Girls WWII Tin Cabin: Vacation Rental in England

Images via Under the Thatch

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