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This morning I opened an e-mail from one of our readers, Mrs Tiny Lady, regarding the possibility of bigger trailers for bigger tiny houses on wheels (in case you might be interested in that). 🙂

In it she included several links to diagrams of larger trailers versus the more usual flat bed trailers we use for building tiny homes. This got me thinking, what if some of you out there wanted or even needed a bigger tiny house than what we normally see? Yesterday I got to show you a custom 30′ tiny house on wheels by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. But what if you wanted to go even bigger?

Maybe you need more space because of your family, your hobbies, or your work/business. But you still want the mobility of a tiny house and the benefits that go along with them. How about these 18 wheeler tractor trailers? They’re normally meant for big loads, moving tractor trailers, and other heavy duty equipment. What if we were to build a ‘tiny’ house on one of these? It’s a great way to get more space and eliminate the need for lofts while still remaining mobile.

Bigger Trailers for Bigger Tiny Houses On Wheels


Images © Barnhart-Trans.com

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