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This is a Snug and Sweet $16,000 THOW For Sale.

DirtPatchHeaven on YouTube found the THOW for sale during her travels and posted a brief video tour of the 160 sq. ft. space. I loved that this “standard” style tiny house has the side-by-side bathroom and kitchen, but with the bathroom door facing the living room instead of the food prep area. It’s certainly tee-tiny (probably a 16 ft. trailer), but it’s worth taking a look!

You can call 706-498-5830 for additional information, specs, and to purchase the house.

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Snug and Sweet $16,000 THOW For Sale

Screenshots via DirtPatchHeaven

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This is the Birdhouse tiny house on wheels by Full Moon Tiny Shelters. They’re a tiny house construction company near Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada. This one is built on a 16′ trailer and is fully insulated for 3 season use.

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The Birdhouse Tiny House by Full Moon Tiny Shelters

Full Moon Tiny Shelters: The Birdhouse Tiny House on Wheels

Images © Full Moon Tiny Shelters

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This stealth tiny house cargo trailer project is a guest post by Jesslyn Wolff

We have a 100 sq. ft. stealth tiny home project that we will not be able to finish. We just bought it and were so excited to get going on the renovation. But no sooner did we buy it, I ran into some personal issues which requiring us to sell our first road worthy tiny house project.

Please post this as soon as you can. It will make a great tiny home for someone as it’s already well on it’s way with the following features.

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16′ Stealth Cargo Trailer to Tiny House Project (Sold)


Images © Jesslyn Wolff

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Here’s an original 1954 Alhoa 16ft travel trailer housed inside of a 6000 sq. ft. converted warehouse in downtown Los Angeles.

Best of all, you can stay here if you’re ever wanting to be in the Art District of Downtown LA. The trailer is used as an extra bedroom for guests.

I can’t help but think of a similar warehouse set up with tiny houses on trailers. Plus an area to of course design and build more of them. Just a thought. But either way I think you might find this place to be pretty darn awesome.

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16′ Travel Trailer Inside Converted Artist Warehouse


Images © Airbnb/Harley

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