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This is an 8’x18′ timber frame tiny house on wheels in Wyoming.

The couple who own it have been living tiny for 3 years now.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share (if you want to) below. Thanks!

8′ x 18′ Timber Frame Tiny House

Timber Frame Tiny House

Photo credit: Tiny Timber House

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This is a 144 sq. ft. tiny house on Guemes Island, WA. And if you’ve ever wanted to test-drive tiny house living pack your bags because this tiny house is available to rent on Airbnb and it looks like a great place to relax while trying out tiny living.

When you go inside this tiny house you’ll be surprised how much space you have. There are two lofts, a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and outdoor deck. The kitchen comes equipped with a mini-fridge, 2-burner stovetop, toaster oven, coffee maker, French press and all the plates, pots, pans, silverware, and mugs you need to prepare and enjoy your meals. Would you take a vacation in this tiny house? Let us know what you think in the comments below and either way please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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144 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Guemes Island, WA


Images © Airbnb

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This tiny studio cabin is submitted by Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang – share yours!

This cute studio was just completed (July 2015). It’s designed to be both an art studio as well as guest room detached from the existing residence.

Hopefully the bright colors will stimulate the occupant’s creative juices. The main house has about 2500 sq feet under roof whereas the studio offers just 144 sq. ft. of interior space with an 8’x12′ covered deck. It overlooks the natural rain forest up here at Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii in the U.S. state of Hawaii. The owner actually resides in Honolulu on the main island of Oahu.

The playful bungalow serves as a relaxing alternative to crowded urban living and the hustle and bustle of Honolulu, recently ranked 3rd for the worst traffic in a major American city. Volcano Village itself is nestled in a rain forest that is perched on the slope, close to the top, of active Kilauea Volcano. A devastating eruption is predicted to happen every 500 years. It’s being about 500 years since the last lava spill… So, considering the impending risk, small with its cost containment is good!

144 Sq. Ft. Colorful Studio Cabin in Hawaii


Images © Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang

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This 5th wheel travel trailer tiny home renovation is a guest post by Laura Sauve.

My partner Chad and I sold our 1200 sq. ft. home 5 months ago to embark on new employment and a new way of living via a ‘Tiny Home’ on wheels. We are planning on building a beautiful four-season one after we’ve saved for it, but for now, we live in a 5th wheel in Ontario Canada.

Yep, we are RV’ing this winter and so far so good! Aside from that, we are THRILLED that we sold nearly everything to embark on this amazing adventure. We have felt freedom we haven’t felt in our lives, ever! We live comfortably with our two Dobermans and two cats in our 144 sq. ft., very well appointed and decorated trailer!

Tiny homes can be gorgeous, modern and spacious, I tell everyone that I’ve learned space is actually an illusion and that happiness doesn’t come in the form of ‘things’.

Happy Tiny Homebuilding to everyone, thank you for your helpful website too 🙂

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The 144 sq. ft. 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Tiny House (Before & After)

Couple Renovate 5th Wheel Travel Trailer into Tiny Home

Images © Kortnie Sloat

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Right now I’m excited to show you a 144 sq. ft. tiny cabin on wheels by Yahini Homes.

It’s 8′ x 18′ with a side entrance and small covered porch designed for when the cabin’s parked for living.

Inside you’ll find an open kitchen, bed, bathroom, and storage. It’s a one level design so there’s no sleeping loft.

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144 Sq. Ft. Yahini Tiny Cabin on Wheels with a Porch


Images © Yahini Homes

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