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Rhett And Jennifer knew each other in high school and reconnected in college when they started dating. Believe it or not, the Cozy Roller THOW they now live in isn’t Rhett’s first tiny house build! Rhett and his dad built a THOW when he was in high school, but it was too bulky and heavy to travel in.

Learning from his previous “mistakes,” this 120 square foot THOW weighs just about 5,000 lbs and is easy for the couple to tow and use to travel the country. It even features a magical hidden bathroom, which is super neat. Want a tiny house like theirs? They are selling and building replicas of their innovative design for $30,000!

I also loved that they built what they could with the resources they had — right now they’re saving up for a stove/oven and washer/dryer and doing without in the meantime. Pretty wise for young people! You can watch the full tour from Tiny Home Tours below.

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Living & Traveling in a Micro THOW: Cozy Rollers

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