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When an engineer with a love of boating approached Minimaliste to create a custom Noyer for him, he had a lot of ideas regarding what he wanted, and the end result is a gorgeous top-of-the-line tiny with all the amenities.

Trash compactor? Check. Washer AND dryer? Check. “Smart” toilet? Check. You’ll also find a dishwasher, 7 foot-long drawers, and one of the niftiest showers ever in this 10×32 tiny house on wheels.

While not all of us would need the extras in this home (I’m not sure I even want a remote-control toilet), it’s cool to see a design that makes it all happen! Check out the video tour from Minimaliste below.

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Trash Compactor, Smart Toilet and Dishwasher in the Noyer V4

Custom Noyer Model Minimaliste

Images via Minimaliste

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