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How To Host Your Tiny House on Airbnb for Income

Have you ever wanted to host your tiny house on Airbnb for income?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a tiny house, either because Airbnb lets you share ANY kind of home or even just a spare room to offer and host travelers.

Have you ever thought of hosting any of your extra space on Airbnb so you could make extra income while hosting others? Do you already do it? See some people who are doing it below, learn more, and tell us your thoughts in the comments at the bottom.

How to Host Your Tiny House Or Other Space on Airbnb to Build an Extra Income While Hosting Travelers in Your Town!

The Stumble Tiny House Vacation in Los Olivos California 01

The Stumble Tiny House Vacation in Los Olivos California

Airbnb is a great way to build an extra income with your home! They let you list your space on their platform for free so you can use their software and marketing to help you book guests.

It’s pretty cool! Some people use it to earn income from their spare bedrooms, and others are using it to host their entire homes (tiny or not).

There are also lots of tiny houses on wheels you can find all over the world on Airbnb. Is there one in your town yet? Maybe you could make it happen? Do you think people would be interested in staying in a tiny house for vacation in your area?

Learn More About the Airbnb Hosting Program Here

Is There A Tax Benefit if You Start a Tiny House Vacation Business?

Talk to your accountant, but I’m pretty sure there yes, there are tax benefits (depreciation) if you buy or build a tiny house to use as a vacation rental business (you can depreciate a percentage of the cost against your income for X number of years since it only has so many useful years of life). But I’m NOT a tax professional so please talk to an accountant about how this would affect your taxes personally.

How Much Can You Make?

It really depends on where you live, but I’ve seen tiny homes being offered on Airbnb for as little as $45 per night all the way up to $330 per night. It just depends on where your tiny house is located, the condition of your tiny home/space, and the amenities available.

How Much Should I Charge for My Tiny House?

Good question! Are there any other tiny homes in your area or in a nearby or at least a similar area that you can look at? Look to see if these tiny homes have reviews and bookings to make sure that their pricing is working for the area. You can also look at comparable prices for nearby motels, hotels and campgrounds to see how comparable and competitive your pricing is.

How Do I Let People Know About My Tiny House Vacation?

You can also promote your tiny house in a number of places online. You can submit to popular tiny house blogs, for instance, and ask them to please link to your Airbnb page to help you get more bookings. Other ways you can spread the word on it are by posting about it on social media like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and all the rest!

Airbnb Host Program to Make Money From Your Unused Space (Guest Bedrooms, Tiny Homes, Micro Cabins, Etc.)

Anyway, please be sure to sign up for the Airbnb host program (it’s free) using my affiliate link because they’ll reward us with a small commission once you start booking your first guests and this helps me support our efforts here. THANK YOU!!! 🙏

Examples of Tiny House Vacations

The Tiny Tack House Vacation

Tiny Tack House Vacation in Everett WA 0021

The Potter’s Retreat Tiny House in Walla Walla

Potters Retreat Tiny Cabin Vacation in Walla Walla 0022

Modern Tiny House on a Farm by Perch & Nest

Roost26 THOW by Perch and Nest 002

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on running your own tiny house vacation operation? Do you think it’s a good idea? Why or why not? Have you done it? Will you do it? Let’s talk about it!

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