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VIDEO: Woodworker Went to Treehouse School and Built a Masterpiece

The Baltic is a beautifully handcrafted, 2-story (but still tiny!) treehouse in Ontario, Canada.   The idea to build the treehouse started back when Cam, a woodworker and furniture builder, was a kid and would build forts and treehouses with his friends.  Then as an adult, he took a sustainable treehouse building course at Yestermorrow in [...]

Incredible Oregon Treehouse Resort

30 Years Building 13 Incredible Treehouses

Michael is an amazing man who has spent the last 30 years building an incredible treehouse resort on his acerage in Oregon. He started with a cabin and horseback-riding, but no one was interested. When he rebuilt the treehouse he had made for his children, however, people started to take interest! And since then he [...]

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Whispering Wind Treehouse 66

Whispering Wind Treehouse: Rustic Woodland Getaway

A treehouse. In the woods. With a clear roof. The Whispering Wind Treehouse is truly remarkable as a cozy getaway with privacy, gorgeous views, and rustic charm. The off-grid cabin is more glamping than a hotel stay, without any running water and just a strand of solar-powered globe lights. But it’s a perfect option for [...]

Tech Time Treehouse in Georgia 001

Tech Time Treehouse in Georgia

Welcome to a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Dahlonega, Georgia, where nature and modern comforts seamlessly merge. This secluded treehouse, hosted by Wes, offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life, allowing you to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of over 80 acres of Triple Creek Farms. Inside, you’ll find a [...]

Uhu Modern A-Frame Treehouse 2

This Tiny A-frame is Built 32-ft. in the Air!

The Uhu is the latest vacation property built by Quebec-based company Repère Boréal. They specialize in gorgeous, luxury vacation stays, and this a-frame treehouse standing 32 feet in the air is no exception! While the cabin is remarkably compact, it includes everything you need for a quiet vacation, like a kitchenette, bathroom, office area with [...]

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Skyframe AFrame in Maine 3

Skyframe A-Frame in the Woods of Maine

This 350 square foot a-frame in trees is dubbed the “Skyframe” and gets its name because it stands on stilts and makes you feel like you’re in a magical treehouse with views of the surrounding forest. Despite the obstacle that is plumbing a treehouse, the A-frame features a luxurious bathroom inside with a tiled shower [...]


The Ultimate Tiny House Experience at the Carolina Treehouse

If you’re a fan of tiny houses and unique living experiences, then you’re in for a treat. We recently stumbled upon a Levi Kelly video tour of the Carolina Treehouse, a tiny house nestled in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we couldn’t resist sharing it with our readers. The Carolina Treehouse is not your ordinary tiny [...]