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Off-Road EarthCruiser Overland Camping Vehicle via EarthCruiser-Instagram 0010

EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles

This is an EarthCruiser Overland Vehicle built on a FUSO chassis. It’s an off-road camping rig ready to take you and your loved ones almost anywhere and enjoy extended periods almost anywhere. Pretty amazing, right? Wouldn’t it be incredible getting to have one of these expedition vehicles? Don’t miss other awesome tiny homes and motorhomes [...]

Couple’s COVID Project: A Historically-Accurate Viking Hut! 2

Couple’s 2020 Project: A Historically-Accurate Viking Hut!

This is a post just to show that tiny living really isn’t anything new! This Canadian couple who helps set up a Viking Village attraction most summers decided to build their very own historically accurate Viking hut in their backyard when the festival was canceled due to the pandemic. The tiny structure has mud walls [...]

Bug Out “Fambulance” $10k Conversion

Tom’s ’89 Diesel Bug-Out Army Ambulance, A $10k Camper Conversion

Tom Miller found a 1989 F350 diesel dually army ambulance and transformed it (with no building experience, mind you) into a fantastic family camper/bug out vehicle! The “Fambulance” as he calls it, has been outfit to meet his family of three’s needs for weekend trips and in case of a real “bug out” survival scenario. [...]

Rob Greenfields $1500 Tiny House in Orlando FL 0023

He built a tiny house for $1.5k and grows his own food too

This is the story of a man who recently built a shed tiny house for only $1,500 in Orlando, Florida. If you’re tired of seeing $20k, $30k, $40k, and $50k+ tiny homes, this is a bit of a relief, isn’t it? Rob Greenfield built his tiny house using 99% recycled/reclaimed materials. And in building his [...]

Exterior corner

The Tiny Solar House – A Used Off-Grid Tiny House on Wheels For $45k

This self-sufficient tiny house on wheels is powered by 1,680 watts of rooftop solar panels and a 750 amp-hour battery bank. It features a sleeping loft, bathroom with shower and compost toilet, kitchen with double sink, gas stove, and storage, plus a spacious living room with lots of windows and natural light. So what do [...]

Grengine 4

The Grengine: An Evolution in Portable Power (Great for Off-Grid Life!)

This is an Indiegogo Campaign for the Grengine: An Evolution in Portable Power. The Grengine is an eco-friendly generator that’s completely silent, emission-free and ultra-lightweight so it would work well for off-grid tiny homes and van-dwelling: THE WORLD’S ONLY power system featuring interchangeable super batteries. Each battery pack has 1200 Watt hours to keep you going, and [...]


Formerly Homeless Man Builds Micro Shelter for Homeless Friend

This formerly homeless man built a micro shelter for his homeless friend. Peter Gould now lives in an apartment, and spent 40 hours and $600 creating this micro structure. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Formerly Homeless Man Builds Micro Shelter for Homeless Friend Video: Tiny House for Homeless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFUUcQYEj0k From the Times Colonist: Peter [...]