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Why Go Tiny

Asking 27 People Why They Went Tiny

Tiny House Talk has been around since 2010, and during that time we’ve interviewed a lot of tiny house dwellers who have many reasons for going tiny. While most people immediately assume tiny living is about reducing costs, that’s not the case for everyone who chooses this lifestyle. Some people go tiny because they’re stressed [...]

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Tiny House Quarantine: What it’s Like and How to Survive

During this COVID-19 crisis, we’re all trying to self-isolate and #stayhome as much as possible — which gets a little interesting when you live in spaces under 300 square feet! We decided to check in on some tiny house dwellers around the world and see how they’re holding up during quarantine and what they’re doing [...]

Park Model Tiny House and RV Park Communities in Naples Florida

12 Ways Your Next Home Might Be A Tiny Home

How likely is it that your next home could be a tiny home, or maybe a small home? As time goes by, it’s becoming more likely that you’ll be able to buy or rent a tiny or small home the next time you’re in the market for a home. These are the top 12 tiny [...]

Tesla Cybertruck for Tiny House People Images via Tesla-com 001

Tesla Cybertruck For Towing Your Tiny House?

With the all new Tesla Cybertruck coming out, is it something that you’re going to consider if you already have or are going to build or buy a tiny house on wheels? The truck looks like no other vehicle on the road, something definitely out of the future, or a sci-fi film, and it starts [...]

Beers with Tiny Houser Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey via Tiny House Expedition 002

Well-Traveled Tiny Housers Talking Tiny Over Beers: Alexis & Christian w/ Jenna Spesard

This is a tiny house story session over beers with Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey and Alexis and Christian of Tiny House Expedition. It’s really fun and insightful getting to sit alongside these wonderful tiny house people who have traveled thousands and thousands of miles with their tiny homes in tow and get to [...]

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How Backyard Cottages Are Being Sold Separately in Seattle

This is how accessory dwelling units (guest houses) are being restructured into condominiums so that they can be sold separately from the primary residence on the property. Pretty interesting, right? What do you think? …increasingly people are using condominium agreements to sell DADUs separately from the primary residence.1 Don’t miss other interesting stories like this [...]

Expanding Tiny Home For A Growing Family3

Growing Family Builds Their Second Tiny Home

This is the story of Phil and Cynthia and their newborn. Now, they are a growing tiny house family. And because of that, they’ve decided to build a second tiny home to best suit their needs. And we think it’s great! We’ve seen lots of stories and situations of people who’ve grown out of their [...]