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Retiree’s Amazing Camper Van Filled with Heirlooms

Retired Life in his $11,000 DIY Motorhome Tiny House

You might remember Kenny’s awesome Dodge Dualie Home on Wheels we showed you back in 2020 when he won Simple Solar Homesteading’s “Off-Grid Houses on the Move” Contest. Well here’s a video tour nearly two years later showing Kenny living his best life on the road! His entirely off-grid rig has an amazing closet that [...]

2020 Off Grid Houses On The Move: Contest Winners!

2020 Off Grid Houses On The Move: Contest Winners!

The winners of Simple Solar Homesteading’s “2020 Off Grid Houses On The Move” Contest are Jay Craig and Kenny Foust! They each won a 100 watt solar panel for their creative designs. Jay built his THOW on a 17′ Uhaul and added some cool bump outs to maximize the space. Kenny, on the other hand, [...]

Off Grid Houses On The Move Tiny House Design Contest 2020 Hosted by LaMar Alexander via SimpleSolarHomesteading-com 001

Off-Grid Houses On The Move Tiny House Design Contest (2020)

This is to announce the off-grid houses on the move tiny house design contest for 2020. The contest is being held by LaMar Alexander of Simple Solar Homesteading and the SolarCabin YouTube Channel. He’s one of the original off-grid cabin YouTubers, he’s designed a variety of tiny homes with offered plans, and this is your [...]


Win a Custom Tiny House from Modern Tiny Living! *Sweepstakes*

Want to win a *custom* tiny house from Modern Tiny Living? Who doesn’t, right? Modern Tiny Living is currently running a sweepstake in which you’ll win a tiny house, built to your specifications, up to a $100,000 value (with taxes covered)! You can enter the sweepstakes for free, but if you’re wanting to support a [...]

Tiny House Exterior larger picture

Buy Your Tiny House Raffle Ticket Today!

Looking for a great Christmas gift idea? Why not support the Council on Aging in Sonoma County, CA and purchase a raffle ticket for a brand new tiny house? Through Dec. 31, the council is selling discounted “early bird” tickets for its Second Annual Tiny House Raffle. It will raise money for their Meals on [...]

Tiny House Collaborative Kickstarter

Group Teaching Schools How to Build Tiny Houses

Do you think creating a tiny home on wheels should be affordable and accomplishable for the average person, and even the average high school student? That’s what the creators of The Collaborative Tiny House Project believe, and they’ve put together a Kickstarter campaign to make it happen. Jesse Anselm, one of the Collaborative members, was [...]

Tiny house 5

SustainaFest Tiny House Essay Contest: Deadline July 1!

Would you like to win a tiny house of your own? SustainaFest, a non-profit organization in Maryland dedicated to sustainable community development, is hosting a tiny house essay contest. The prize is a 210-square foot, $76,000 energy-efficient home. You will love how sleek and modern this house is both outside and inside. It has a [...]