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Casas Acapulco Chile 8

David’s DIY A-frame Family Tiny Home

David has nearly 35 years of construction experience, and his business, “Casas Acapulco” in Mexico creates awesome custom trailers. But he contacted us to share his A-Frame cabin that he, his wife and six children built. He lives in it with his wife. The one bedroom, one bathroom cabin is about 336 square feet. It’s [...]

Getaway House Now Has 800 Cabins Country-Wide 11

They Started With 3 Off-Grid Tiny Houses And Now They Have Hundreds

Back when we first told you about Getaway House, there were only a few homes in three different locations on the East Coast. But the concept of private, internet-free tiny homes where you can escape the demands of every day was so popular, the company now has plans for 800 tiny homes in 16 locations. [...]

Kris’ Handmade Off-Grid Smallholding in Wales 3

Five Years in his $3k Cordwood Home

As a fellow homesteader/self-sufficient wannabe, Kris’ tour of his smallholding that he created from basically nothing for very little money is absolutely astounding. He’s planted 2,500 trees, built a solar array and hydroelectric plant, crafted his own cordwood home as well as a huge workshop, greenhouse, and multiple outbuildings all using — primarily — materials [...]

Caney Creek 8

Caney Creek: Park Model Tiny House w/ Two Ground-Floor Bedrooms

While you might imagine large loft bedrooms when you hear “park model,” there are options that keep everything on one level — like this “Caney Creek” model by Stone Canyon Homes. It takes some of the space from the main living room to create a “bonus room,” which perfectly fits bunk beds for kids. Like [...]

Hocking Hills Butterfly Bungalow Log Cabin in Ohio Getaway Cabins 001

The Butterfly Bungalow Log Cabin

This is the Butterfly Bungalow tiny cabin. It’s a one-room log cabin with a hot tub and views of the pine woods. The little cabin sits near the Wedding Gazebo of the property which is located in the Hocking Hills of Bloomingville, Ohio. Check it out! Don’t miss other interesting small spaces like this, join [...]

Plāhaus Super Sleek Tiny House Vacation 2

Plāhaus: Modern Tiny House With Two Bedrooms

Robert wanted to create a tiny house vacation property on his land, but didn’t want to build another one with a standard “cozy cabin” vibe which is common in Nashville, Indiana where he lives. Instead, he commissioned this fantastic two bedroom modern wonder with lovely forest views. It has a large rectangular main living, dining [...]

Seaside Tiny Cottage in Belize via Louis-Airbnb 001

Seaside Tiny Cottage in Belize

This is Joe Jo’s By The Reef seaside tiny cottages in Belize. They are ocean-front cabanas on Tobacco Cay near a large barrier reef making it a great area for diving and snorkeling and/or just relaxing. What do you think of this modern cabana on the beach? Would you stay in a place like this, [...]

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Tiny Cabana Cottage Right On The Ocean in Belize via Ricardo-Airbnb 003

Tobacco Caye Cabana Cottages in Belize

This is one of six cabana cottages on Tobacco Caye in the Stann Creek District of Belize which is near the Belize Barrier Reef. It’s like an off-grid tiny house built right on the water! Would you stay in a little cabana like this or maybe even build one inspired by one of these? Don’t [...]

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Bamboo Tube Vacation Cabin 8

Bamboo Tube Vacation Cabin on Mexico Beach

Imagine waking up in a bamboo tube cabin with views of the Mexico ocean  — that’s what you’ll get in this stunning tiny home Airbnb that sits on 200 beautiful acres with a mile of beach-front property and a turtle sanctuary. Awesome! Your stay even includes daily yoga! While this kind of structure wouldn’t work [...]

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Shoal Creek Cabin on Stilts in TN 17

Shoal Creek Cabin on Stilts in TN

This creek-front cabin has a wrap-around deck to give you gorgeous forest views all around. There’s an electric grill outside for burgers and inside there’s a lovely full kitchen so you never have to leave the cabin, unless you want to! A dumb-waiter allows you to lift up any bags you come with from the [...]

Leaf Treehouse at HoneyTree Farm 10

300 Sq. Ft. Leaf Treehouse at HoneyTree Farm

This Leaf Treehouse looks like the ultimate couple’s retreat: A soaking tub with tree views; a cozy reading nook overlooking the forest; and a luxurious king-sized bed! The 300 square foot structure looks impeccably-crafted from only the best materials. There’s live-edge and a basin sink in the bathroom and stunning bottom cabinets in the little [...]

Celesterra Treehouse at a Vegetarian Retreat 001

North Carolina Treehouse on a Vegetarian Retreat Center

This is a truly unique vacation treehouse! Not only was it built for the Treehouse Masters TV show, but now it stands as a special spiritual retreat where you can only stay if you feel called to — and only if write an essay explaining your “innermost heart yearning” for your retreat at Celesterra. The [...]


Earthen Block Home Built for $50K From Local Earth!

People have been building homes from earth for thousands of years, but here in the U.S. we have gotten far away from the practice. AECT Earth Block hopes to change that, and they produce innovative machines that compress earth into compact building bricks that are resistant to just about anything! The company owner, Ryan, built [...]

Earthen Dome with European Soaking Tub 8

Earthen Dome with European Soaking Tub

This cob structure sits at the Saoirse Learning Center, where the owner wants others to learn and experience tiny and alternative living styles: Offering professionally conducted workshops and wellness retreats along with unique accommodation options, Jen and her crew are on a mission to help more people free themselves from the stresses of the modern [...]

The Shanty Off Grid Tiny Cabin in Montana 001

The Shanty Hohnstead Cabin in Montana

This is the Shanty Hohnstead cabin in Bonner, Montana. It’s an off-grid tiny cabin getaway in Montana. Check it out and learn more below. Don’t miss other interesting cabins like this, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! The Shanty Off-Grid Tiny Cabin at the Hohnstead in Bonner, Montana This off-grid cabin is super [...]


Two-Story Tree Cabin on a Working Farm

This is a two-story tree cabin on a working farm in Michigan otherwise known as the outpost treehouse. It features an upper deck, kitchenette, eating nook/cafe, bathroom, and an amazing bedroom. What do you think? Don’t miss other awesome cabins like this, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!  Two-Story Tree Cabin on a [...]

Dare-Devil’s Cabin Suspended From A Cliff 5

Dare-Devil Cabin Suspended From A Cliff

I’m going to be honest with you: I would never stay in this Airbnb. Not because it doesn’t look awesome and well-kept, but because the harrowing heights required to get to bed are definitely beyond my comfort level. But, wow, is this place cool. First, you have to take 176 steps to reach the initial [...]

Tent on Stilts with Twisty Slide! 15

Tent on Stilts with Twisty Slide!

Here’s something different: A tent erected atop a large covered porch, complete with a twisty slide to the fire pit and picnic table below! This is, of course, no normal tent. The canvas structure is held up by beautiful wooden beams, and there’s a queen-sized bed and kids’ cot bunks inside meaning no one has [...]

wildlife sanctuary geodesic dome

Wildlife Sanctuary Geodesic Dome Vacation

Here’s another super cool geodesic dome home, this one tucked in a Wildlife Sanctuary which is sure to make for a unique stay. It features a large living room and kitchen, along with a king bedroom and spacious bathroom on the first floor. There’s another king bedroom and private bathroom upstairs! This would be a [...]

Robertas Tiny Cabina in Costa Rica 002

Roberta’s Tiny Cabina in Costa Rica And How It Was Built

This is Roberta’s tiny ‘cabina’ in Costa Rica. After moving to Costa Rica and renovating her home there, she decided to build this casita in her backyard for rental revenue and as a place for her family to stay when visiting. It’s a lovely riverfront tiny home in San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica, [...]

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 26

Outer Banks Art Deco Geodesic Dome Home

Originally built in 1971, this art deco dome home recently underwent a major facelift, and the result is a bright and colorful art-deco dome home that sleeps 7! Inside there’s a full kitchen (with dishwasher), two queen bedrooms downstairs, and then two loft bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom. It looks like a fun place to [...]

Gravity-Defying Cliff Cabin with Cave-Like Fire Pit 2

Gravity-Defying Cliff Cabin with Cave-Like Fire Pit

If you want an edgy off-grid vacation, this cliff cabin might be the perfect fit! Built on the *very* edge of mountain in North Carolina, this “normal” tiny home becomes extraordinary and has absolutely fantastic views. Besides sitting out on the deck bar and staring at the valley below, you can walk down a (slightly [...]

New Deal Era Tiny Homes in Jackson County, AL 3

Tiny House History: New Deal Era Great Depression Tiny Homes

Obviously we’re all well aware that tiny homes didn’t originate with Jay Shafer, but it’s cool to see some vintage photographs of tiny living! Our reader, Liz, sent us these photos of women and children living in shacks (that look quite similar to the tiny houses of today!) while their husbands felled timbers and milled [...]

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