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Their DIY Expedition Truck From Former Firetruck!

Their DIY Expedition Truck From Former Firetruck!

If you’ve been reading Tiny House Talk for a while, you might remember Heather and Dana, a couple who renovated an RV to live as nomads. Well, when a tree later fell on the RV, their plans shifted, and they went back to “normal” life for a while—until the call of the road pulled them [...]

His Box Truck For Surfing on Popular CA Beach

His Surf Shack Box Truck Tiny House

Scott has been surfing on this popular California beach for 50 years and had plenty of experience with boats and RVs, so when they changed the rules about the size of vehicles allowed on the beach, he decided to downsize. He wasn’t planning on building something himself, but with the shutdowns of 2020, he decided [...]