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How to Install a Slim Wall Heater in Your Tiny House with Deek

In this post our friend Deek shows you how to install the simplest and most affordable heater for your tiny house. In this case, it’s an Envi Wall Heater. As Deek will tell you in the video below, these are great because they’re thin, you can paint them to match your wall, and they doesn’t [...]

Grengine 4

The Grengine: An Evolution in Portable Power (Great for Off-Grid Life!)

This is an Indiegogo Campaign for the Grengine: An Evolution in Portable Power. The Grengine is an eco-friendly generator that’s completely silent, emission-free and ultra-lightweight so it would work well for off-grid tiny homes and van-dwelling: THE WORLD’S ONLY power system featuring interchangeable super batteries. Each battery pack has 1200 Watt hours to keep you going, and [...]

Tiny House Furniture and Appliances

Couple Shows You Their Tiny House Furniture and Appliances

If you’ve been looking into what to do for tiny house furniture and appliances, this couple shows you all of their decisions when it comes to that including where they got it, how much they paid and how the product is working out for them so far. I found it pretty helpful, so I thought [...]


Mobile Furniture Box Unfolds to Kitchen, Bedroom or Office

This is a mobile furniture concept by Atelier OPA that functions as a mobile kitchen, foldaway guest bedroom, and a foldaway office. When you’re not using them, they simply fold up into boxes on wheels. When you fold them out, they add an incredible degree of function to your space. It’s called the Kenchikukagu by Atelier [...]


Woman’s DIY Humanure Composting Toilet Project

If you’re thinking about getting a composting toilet for your tiny house (or any size house, really) then read this first. You can always check out the top 5 composting toilets we recommend for tiny houses. But sometimes nothing beats doing it yourself. It’s cheaper, it’s more rewarding, and you’ll appreciate it more because you [...]

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Top 5 Composting Toilets for Tiny Houses

In this article you’ll find what I believe are the top 5 composting toilet options for tiny houses, cabins, or even if you just want to put a toilet somewhere without plumbing and/or electric. It could be your garage, shed, or travel trailer. If you’re here, you should already have a general idea about composting toilets [...]


Portable Nomadic Hot Tub For Your Tiny House?

When I ran into this portable hot tub I immediately thought of how awesome it would be to use in a tiny house situation so that’s why I’m sharing it with you here right now. I guess it was created for camping. But why not use it for tiny living too? It’s a nomadic hot tub [...]