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Timber Wolf Homes LTD_2

This is a 26′ x 10′ west coast classic. This house is downsizing without compromising. With 260 square ft downstairs and 100 square ft upstairs, this house is very livable. With a beautiful design and a well crafted structure with close attention to detail, this home is pushing the tiny home movement to the next level.

At this point the exterior is 100% done, gas, electrical and plumbing are roughed in, and the home can be sold as a shell to be finished by the clients or we are happy to finish the house to suite the clients’ needs.

We have a 3D model of the interior and exterior along with a complete design with appliances selected and ready to go. If you want your own design, we are flexible and happy to accommodate. $50K as is, or $90 – $100K finished depending on trim styles and appliance selection.

Timber Wolf Homes LTD

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