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Trailer v3

Hi All, so hopefully this picture is clear enough (click for largest version).  I’m finalizing my trailer design for a house that we hope will be sufficiently warm in cold climates.  In order to get extra insulation without sacrificing too much head room, i’ve tried to get a few extra inches of insulation between the trailer wheels while also getting some out to the extents of the trailer’s edges.  As indicated in the drawing, i’m planning to cover the underside with galvanized flashing and a moisture barrier.

My biggest question is whether or not the bolts that are running through the main frame members of the trailer (the ones at the lowest elevation of the 3) are too close to the edge of the 2 x 6 lumber and at risk of tear out?  I’ve tried to find ways to calculate the forces/stress here but to no avail.

Tiny House Subfloor Design with Extra Insulation

More broadly, am I missing anything big in this design and/or making this more complicated than it needs to be?

Thank you!