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Guest Post By Movoto Real Estate

The tiny house movement started from a need to simplify life and to become more environmentally friendly. The concept behind taking up residence in a tiny house is to limit impacts on both wallets and environments by costing less, creating less waste, and leaving a smaller energy imprint. The move from big traditional homes to small spaces may seem like a form of societal regression considering our ancestors lived in caves, teepees, huts, and other small spaces while uncomplicated ways of life. They say we all come full circle; it is possible that the tiny house movement is simply a completion of a circle where society has ceased needing more and has realized that the basics are plenty.

What is a Tiny House?

A tiny house is a small space that ranges between 85 and 400 square feet and can be either mobile or stationary. Tiny houses are basic homes for singles or couples who are seeking to pare down to the basics. These homes consist of standard spaces like a scaled down kitchen and bathroom as well as a multi living space that is crafted to meet the owner’s needs. There are a host of companies that are including the demand for tiny houses in their product lines offering customers pre-fabs, kits, and build-to-order homes.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Weebee Tiny house

Used by permission of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Photo by Jack Journey. This small house on wheels was created by Tumbleweed. The Weebee design is 102 square feet and costs about $49,000.

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