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8x10 Home Depot Shed to Use as a Tiny House?

I am researching tiny houses in all forms. For me, tiny is tiny. I could care less if it is made of Straw bales, Cobb, wood framed, canvas tarps, a container, a bus, or a combination of any items. It could be on wheels (since I do like to travel), or it can be permanent on rented or owned land (because I like to farm).

When it comes to tiny homes, I am very open minded and flexible in anything but cost. Cost to me is a big concern. I don’t see the point in doing the minimalist lifestyle yet go high end for fancy items that are not recycled or green. That doesn’t mean that I am opposed to some people living happily in their McMansions nor the tiny house McQuality! To each their own! For me, living light is living cheaper too. In all forms.

Do Tiny Houses Have to be so Pricey?

It seems there is a consistent pattern of homes that are not so simple. Expensive homes with high quality amenities.  My question is always the same: Do the prices need to be that high or are companies going overboard with fanciness to have higher sales per unit? And I follow that with, would more of us be in the market if the market offered cheaper pricing with lower quality amenities?

Tiny House Trailer Costs

A tandem axle trailer new runs between $3,000 to $5,000. See below, I just randomly grabbed a listing off the internet.

Tiny House Trailer Pricing

Screenshot Credit kaufmantrailers.com

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