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We, as Tiny Housers/Simplistic Living Enthusiasts know what it takes to shed the extra layers of possessions that were accumulated over the years from living outside of our means. Though, there are others who find mountains to face when it comes to getting rid of their possessions – whether they literally be mountains of stuff, or figuratively, mountains of attachment that need to be overcome.

So, to facilitate the process of parting with ones belongings, I’ve compiled a list of five common-fare tips on how to get rid of your stuff , or in other words, move mountains.

Tip #1: Get Organized

You would love to downsize your belongings and clear up space, but where do you start? First off, to aid in the commencing of getting down to downsizing business, it helps to have most everything organized. No, not in the sense of keeping your soup cans’ labels facing front first on the shelf, an extra roll of TP within arms reach of the commode, or making sure Friday’s undergarments are not worn on a Wednesday.

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