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16′ Pink Vintage Camper For Sale

This 16′ pink vintage camper is for sale with an asking price of $5800.I thought you might like just looking at it. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.

Price reduced!!!!
I have a pink and cream 1967 vintage camper in amazing condition. This is a must see. Only serious inquires only please. I hate to get rid of it because this camper was my baby, but I am moving and can not afford to store it. Let me know when you would like me to set up a showing. This camper has 2 bunk and a full pull out bed also the dinette pulls out into a bed. A full bathroom. Seriously this is a must see at this price that a steal.16 ft long. No leaks… Roof was re-sealed on October 2014. Asking $5800.
source: http://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/rvs/4832445037.html

16′ Pink Vintage Camper For Sale


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Learn more: http://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/rvs/4832445037.html

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  • Avatar Cahow

    I am unabashedly a LOVER OF PINK, so if this camper fit into our current life style, I would buy it IMMEDIATELY! But, we’re several years out from retirement and it would just sit in the back of our acre, being ignored.

    I must believe that the right person will adopt this charming and quixotic tiny home. <3

  • Avatar Aelfgiure Willowmoon

    Oh, this is just like a piece of candy, it’s so sweet! :3 I really want one.

  • Avatar CathyAnn

    What a serene, peaceful, cozy interior. I also like pink. The right person will come along. The price is right.

    Last summer, I saw a small vintage trailer that had a sign painted on the back saying, “Don’t laugh… it’s paid for!” My sentiments exactly!

  • Avatar Trish

    I am definitely not a pink girl, so this is WAY too pink for me. Now if it was greens, tans & blues …

  • Avatar Darcy

    Yikes, revenge of the pink marshmallow, wouldn’t give you a dollar for it.

    • Avatar Vicki

      A negative unneeded comment…If you are not interested or don’t like pink, just continue looking on, no bashing necessary!

    • Avatar NoOneImporant

      I think that this home is BEAUTIFUL! Don’t listen to the negative people.

  • Avatar tom

    where are you located

  • Avatar Kayla

    I wish I could afford this! It’s a great price and perfect <3

  • Avatar Betsy

    Very cute love it all except for the pink carpet. Love this redo!

  • Avatar Ashley

    OMG! This house was literally made for me! This is what I’ve been dreaming of! Im 14 right now and Im trying to find a tiny house for college so I wont have to pay mortgage or rent.

    • Avatar Susanne

      Ashley, YOU are a genius!!!’ Save your money… I am trying to make my kids understand being debt free and without living with crazy roommates! Don’t give up!!!!
      Already you are on the right track!!!’

  • Avatar Eileen Johnson

    Is this been sold yet?

  • Avatar Sandie

    OMG! I sure wish I had the $ and were in Detroit or at least closer than Seattle; I would buy this in a heartbeat! It is what I have been dreaming about for ages. Sure hope someone buys it who is going to appreciate it and love it to pieces. Beautiful!

  • I want this trailer if it hasn’t been sold already-will drive to Detroit-pay cash, and bring it back with me-please notify me if still available. . .


    • Avatar Alex

      Aw, sorry Pam, but it’s sold 🙁

      Hope you have a great day.


  • Avatar tonette bates

    Tried to go to look about buying it and it wouldnt let me. I am seriously interested in it if you are not too far away. I think it is adorable and I love shabby chic style so this is up my isle!!!

  • Avatar tonette bates

    Just saw the comment about it being sold!:( That’s o.k.! Happy for you!:)

  • Avatar Patty Yoder

    I think this way of living is great, I am starting my journey now to build or buy a tiny home.

  • Avatar Jackie

    Does the pink trailer have a bathroom?

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