Free Standing Modern Tree House

This free standing tree house is still way up in the air, like any other tree fort.

This design reminds me of Deek’s Hickshaw (only bigger and up on stilts).

Great for if you’ve got kids who’d love to play in it but also useful if you:

  • Need a separate office
  • Need a place to work on your art or craft
  • Need a quiet spot for your writing

Would you, or could you, live in it though? All I can say there is if people figure out ways to live, travel, and take a shower in a car this tiny, then they can live like a king in here.

free standing tree house 01   Free Standing Modern Tree House

free standing tree house 02   Free Standing Modern Tree House

Photo Credits Ravnikar Potokar

free standing tree house 03   Free Standing Modern Tree House

Found Via Trendir (more pictures there too)

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   Free Standing Modern Tree House


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    The caption of the second picture should be How to tell when your new dose of Viagra is working too well.

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