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Your Virtual Tiny House Workshop to Design/Build/Downsize

If you’ve been looking for a way to learn how to design and build a tiny house while downsizing your belongings, this is your chance to be apart of a virtual tiny house workshop led by two of my tiny house friends and experts.

Mariah Pastell (tiny house and vintage camper expert and blogger from CometCamper.com) and Dan Louche (author of The Tiny House Design and Construction Guide, TinyHomeBuilders.com) are holding an exclusive Virtual Tiny House Workshop on October 17th and 18th!

After a successful first workshop, it’s back!

Your Virtual Tiny House Workshop to Design/Build/Downsize


What is it?

Design / Build / Downsize is a two-day virtual tiny house workshop that includes 8 in-depth lessons and trainings, live group chat and discussion, and a live Q + A session with Mariah and Dan Louche, two tiny house experts!

It’s two days, with two experts, and a bunch of your new, like-minded, tiny community friends and classmates.

What will you learn?

Mariah and Dan have created 8 lessons on everything from choosing a trailer, designing your tiny home, building methods, and downsizing.

You can read about the entire curriculum and see all the details here >>>

These are the trainings – plus plenty of extras – that they teach at their live, in-person workshops (that normally would cost more than $399 plus airfare and hotel to attend).

The workshop is the only virtual tiny house workshop – meaning they’re delivering these trainings and lessons live, but you can watch from anywhere in the world 🙂


“The workshop provided me with much of the info and resources I need to finally get started on this project. Very impressed with both Mariah and Dan as teachers.  Thanks so much for what you are doing and how you are doing it! I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about this entire process.” – John Silva

Mariah and Dan have been teaching hands-on tiny house workshops together for the past 3 years, and they knew that there was an “accessibility” issue with the on-location tiny house workshops they taught.

Their workshops always sold out – since only 30 people could attend. The cost was expensive for people who had to travel across the country to attend. And we wanted to help more people in a way that was more affordable and accessible, and open to everyone no matter where you are.

So Dan and Mariah created the Tiny House Workshop that you can do from anywhere, where you can learn all of the skills they teach at their workshops, get personalized advice, ask any question you have, and connect with other people embarking on the same journey towards tiny living.

Who are Dan Louche and Mariah?

Mariah and Dan each have 6+ years experience designing and building tiny homes, helping others with downsizing, and teaching others how to do the same.

Dan’s trainings are top notch since he has been designing and building and teaching others how to design and build tiny homes for 6 years, and literally wrote one of the most popular books on the subject!


Together, They really break this stuff down into easy to follow steps so you can do it too.

When is it?

The live Virtual Tiny House Workshop will be held on October 17th and 18th, 2015!

You just need to register by 12 midnight Friday October 16th to reserve your spot in the workshop.

Even if you can’t come live those days (if you’re busy, or traveling, something comes up, etc) you can still register and you’ll receive ALL of the materials, the recordings, and the bonuses 🙂

If you’re feeling like you have SO MANY QUESTIONS and you really want to make this tiny living thing a reality but you need the guidance, the knowledge, and the “ohhh so that’s how they do that!” insider answers, this is for you!

Because during the workshop, you’ll be learning about the important nitty gritty technical details – like off-grid systems, building materials, construction techniques, design methods, choosing your home, sustainability, codes and laws, and more.

The result? You’ll have the plan, the means, and the knowledge you need to make the tiny living dream your reality.

When you register, you’ll get 8 lessons on everything from designing, construction, off-grid systems, electrical, plumbing, solar power, downsizing, and even live question and answer sessions with Dan and Mariah.

These lessons and the Q & A Sessions are invaluable – to get personal advice, learn what mistakes you need to avoid, and hear from two experts about everything they’ve figured out from 6+ years of experience.

Not to mention, the course show you how to save THOUSANDS on your tiny house build – that’s how many of the previous workshop attendees are saying they feel like they’re getting the workshop for free because they are able to save so much money with the key info and techniques that you learn during attendance. So take notes!

=> Sign Up Here!

Here’s what some of the previous Virtual Tiny House Workshop attendees had to say about their experience:

“I have learned so much from your workshop! Thanks so much for making this available online!” – Martha

“This was really informative and amazing ….so happy I did this!” – Shauna

“Mariah and Dan…Awesome course!!! Very detailed and informative, and I love the question, answer and discussion section for all our thoughts.” – Robin

“We had all our questions answered and you guys were both very informative. Also thank you for including the e-book and lifetime access to the videos. I know that when we get closer to physically building the tiny house we will re-watch portions of the workshops.” – Weston and Haley

>>> You can see the entire curriculum and register your spot right here!

Many people commented that signing up was more than worthwhile just for all the info you learn about how to save thousands of dollars on your tiny house build through Dan’s process and Mariah’s salvaging and DIY  instructions, and all of the discounts you get (which amounts to $1200 worth of discounts on some awesome tiny house products just for attending!).

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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!

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  • Paula Loniak October 13, 2015, 11:50 am

    I recently attended Dan’s workshop in Cumming, GA (Sept 26/27). I feel like I learned a lot about the building part, but I don’t feel like the ‘designing’ part was enough for me to get started—-without a design, I can’t move forward. I looked at “Sketch Up” but I wasn’t able to maneuver through it with any kind of proficiency. I need some more help with designing my Tiny House. What do you recommend for that part of the process? (I’m building a TH without a loft bedroom; I want my bed on the ground level. There can BE a loft, for storage, but I need a bed that won’t require ladders or even stairs). Thank you~

    • DB October 14, 2015, 6:25 pm

      Hi Paula, not sure about the current version of Sketch-Up but when I started with it years ago the included tutorial made it a breeze for me to catch on. It has imo a very smooth and easy learning curve, I was drawing with confidence inside of a couple hours. There are some advanced bits that take more time but the basics should get you there. I urge you to give it a try. Also check out the ‘ File – 3D Warehouse – Get Models ‘ function. A quick search can find many of the design elements already built, often to exacting details. Just be sure to double check the scale is correct. Just drag and drop furniture, appliances, etc.

      Or as Mountain Girl suggests, draw it out on graph paper to get your ideas across to your builder. Or even (if you have a large enough room, or maybe a garage) lay it out on the floor with painter’s tape, walls and furniture, and you can do a true scale walkthrough for little expense and time, and change it easily.

      Finally, you might be able to find someone to do the SketchUp modelling for you, working with you on feedback and revisions. A relative for free or someone else for a small fee. Heck I’d offer my own services if you’re stuck and happy with an interested dabbler. Though I tend to keep improving my own models almost endlessly and never feel quite satisfied with them 🙂

  • Mountain Girl October 13, 2015, 5:56 pm

    Paula, my husband and I are awaiting our barn raiser (shell on the trailer) from Tumbleweed but we have designed our THOW using a piece of grid paper, pencil, LARGE eraser and a ruler. We also wanted a lower level bedroom and have a plan completed. Our THOW is 8.6 wide by 26 long. At the back end of the trailer, we are raising a platform 3 feet and will put our queen bed, 2 ft up off the floor but on a pull out from beneath the platform. The platform is as wide as the trailer and 8 ft long so a queen bed will fit nicely. We are putting the bed center of the platform with drawers beneath the bed for clothes storage. The opening will be just over 5 ft wide and on either side of the bed opening will be pull out clothes hanging space. To access the upper platform there will be stairs across the front of the bed pull out which will also be accessible for storage. The upper platform will be the living space with a sofa, coffee table and built in shelving on the wall where the tv will be placed. Hope this gives you a start on designing you own.

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