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Tumbleweed Reveals 6 New Tiny House Designs: Box Bungalows

Tumbleweed has revealed six new tiny house designs that they call the Box Bungalow.

They range from 99 to 120 square feet and can be customized by you. Thanks to their small size they can be placed on most properties without acquiring a permit.

Of course you’ll want to check your own county codes and regulations first but these are much like backyard sheds.

Each one has a beautiful unique design inspired by American Craftsman architecture.

These would make a great spare bedroom, backyard office or studio.

In addition, they’ve published a new 144 page color book which features 6 designs. You’ll be glad to know that 68 of the 144 pages show you how to build a tiny house.

Be one of the first to order your copy now for just $19.95.

6 New Box Bungalow Designs

Here’s how these Box Bungalows work. First you pick your shell and then you choose your interior options.

These little structures can be used as a…

  • spare bedroom
  • office
  • art studio
  • workshop
  • music studio
  • little cabin
  • guest house
  • rentals

A sleeping loft can be set up or you can bring in a Murphy bed or other type of multipurpose furniture.

Besides that you can outfit the rest with whatever you’d like.

You can purchase the building plans for $49. Buying the kits start at $12,999 or you can get it assembled for you starting at $14,999.

The first four structures are 99 square feet not including the porch on each. The last two are 107 square feet without including their porches either.

Anderjack – 99 SF

Anderjack Box Bungalow Tiny House by Jay Shafer
[+] Get Your Own Anderjack

Beavan – 99 SF

Beavan Box Bungalow Tiny House by Jay Shafer
[+] Get Your Own Beavan

Gifford – 99 SF

Gifford Box Bungalow Tiny House by Jay Shafer
[+] Get Your Own Gifford

Zinn – 99 SF

The Zinn Box Bungalow Tiny House by Jay Shafer
[+] Get Your Own Zinn

Weller – 107 SF

Weller Box Bungalow Tiny House Design by Jay Shafer
[+] Get Your Own Weller

Stamper – 107 SF

Stamper Box Bungalow Tiny House Design by Jay Shafer
[+] Get Your Own Stamper

Where You Can See One in Person

There are three events coming up where you can go see a Box Bungalow in person.

Martin’s County Craftsman in Pawling, New York

They will have two Box Bungalows on display on Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

That’s August 23-28, 2011.

On Sunday the hours change from 10 am to 2 pm.

816 Route 22
Pawling, New York 12564

Click here for more information.

Maker’s Faire in New York

This will be on September 17-18.

Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

New York Hall of Science
47-01 111th Street
Queens, NY 11368-2950

Click here for ticket information.

Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania

This will be on September 24-25.

Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

777 Waterwheel Drive
Seven Springs, PA 15622

Click here for ticket information.

Video of a Box Bungalow

Here’s a wonderful tour thanks to Kirsten Dirksen of Faircompanies.com who went out and shot this tour during Shafer’s first open house with one of his Box Bungalows.

This next video is a shorter clip from one of the other open house attendees. It shows Jay mention how you actually can attach one of these structures onto a trailer if you wanted to make it mobile like his other designs.

Tumbleweed’s Workshops

Jay Shafer has four more upcoming workshops for this year if you have been interested in attending one.

Los Angelos – August 27-28

Portland – September 17-18

New York – October 15-16

Santa Rosa – November 5-6

If you want more information on signing up so you can attend, click here to visit Tumbleweed’s workshops page.

Book of Backyard Sheds & Tiny HousesTumbleweed DIY Book of Backyard Sheds & Tiny Houses

Jay Shafer has published a new DIY book about backyard cottages. Specifically his Box Bungalows.

Inside you’ll find 68 pages that show you how to:

  • Set up your site for building
  • Build a foundation
  • Build and raise walls
  • Put up a sloping roof (with rafters)
  • Make a gable for your roof
  • Install windows and doors

Besides that you’ll get to enjoy colorful pages filled with 6 of Jay’s unique Box Bungalow designs with details on each.

And guess what? If you decide to order now you’ll also receive a code to download the Zinn Plans for free (a $49 value).

Click here to order your DIY book with the plans for just $19.95.

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  • Barbara October 1, 2012, 9:02 am

    Where can I see small homes in the New York/NJ area on display?

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    Can you order kits and, if so, do you deliver to Florida?

  • Freddie Oaks May 25, 2015, 11:16 pm

    Looking for a 1000 sq foot two story 500 up 500 down I live in northern Cslifornia retiring to the Shasta Mountain area

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