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Tiny House Plans

If you’re here, I’m guessing it’s because you’re looking into tiny house plans.

This page is a great place to start! Right now it just features plans for tiny houses on wheels (THOWs), but we promise to make a list of plans for tiny homes on foundations, as well.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for I invite you to check out our design 101 page so you can learn how to create your own tailor made tiny house!

Tiny House Plans Marketplace

Below I’ve organized and categorized all of the tiny house plans and designs I could find. You’ll have to pay for most of them, but I listed the free ones first. If you’re not already a Tiny House Newsletter subscriber join now for free for even more amazing tiny housing resources.

*Prices have been updated as of April 2017*

FREE Tiny House on Wheels Plans

Tiny House Talk
Tiny House Design (7 FREE Plans)
The Bohemian
Anna White’s Tiny House
The Moschata

THOW Plans to Purchase (Least to Most Expensive)

Under $50

Go House Go  ($20)
Philo 12  ($28)
Manchester 14 ($29)
Anchor Bay 16 ($29)
Albion 16 ($29)
Cleone 16 ($29)
Capella 18 ($29)
Navarro 20 ($29)
Caspar 20 ($29)
Covelo 20 ($29)
Talmage 20 ($29)
Boonville 24  ($29)
Potter Valley 24 ($29)
Redwood Valley 24 ($29)
Westport 28 ($29)

Under $100

Kozy Kabin ($49-69)
Sweet Pea Tiny House ($79)
The Lucy ($89)

Under $200

hOMe 28’6”  ($99-$299)
MiniMotives  ($125-$350)
The Leaf House ($150)
Tiny Tack House 20’ ($175)
The Zinn ($199)

Under $300

Esk’et Sqlelten ($212)
Sol Pod ($245)
Simple Living ($247)
The Turtle Tiny House 24’ ($249)
The Tiny House ($249)
The Tiny Project ($250)
The Liberty TM ($295)
Shenandoah Traditional ($299)
Shenandoah Contemporary ($299)
Yosemite Traditional ($299)
Yosemite Contemporary ($299)

Under $500

Tiny Living ($347)
Tiny Retirement ($347)
Tiny Studio  ($347)
Sol Haus ($385)
Light Haus ($385)
Minim Home ($495)
The Beavan ($499)
The Gifford ($499)
The Marie Colvin ($499)
The Weller ($499)

Under $800

The Marmara ($699)
Tumbleweed Cypress 18’, 20’, 24’ ($759)
Tumbleweed Elm 18’, 20’, 24’ ($759)

Do you know of any plans that should be included here? I’d love to add them! Just send me the info (with links) and I’ll get right on it!

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