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Tiny Weekend Retreat Shack in West Virginia

Built on a 27 acre farm ‘The Shack‘, named by the architects, is an in-between of camping and weekend cottage.

I did not get the exact square footage of this micro cabin but it seems to have one open area that consists of the bedroom and living area with a camping style kitchen and a possibly a composting toilet tucked around the corner.

The Shack is completely off grid. Oil lamps provide light and wood stove provides heating and cooking.

Looks like you could enjoy a nice breeze through the garage-style door that can be rolled up at anytime.

Check out this weekend retreat shack below and see what you think of the design.

Tiny Weekend Retreat Shack in West Virginia


Images © BroadHurst Architects








Images © BroadHurst Architects

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  • Avatar alice h

    Really liking this one and the way it opens up. Gorgeous vista! I wonder how weather proof the garage door is when closed.

    • Avatar zenLoki

      I was wondering the same thing about the garage door. West by God Virginia is rather chilly come winter and on top of that hill, the wind should be blowing. Spring, summer and fall with that huge door would be glorious.

  • Avatar Karen R

    I personally don’t want “off grid,” but this is a great little place.

  • Avatar Theo

    Not bad, mostly. I like no loft bed. The slanted roof should be great for solar panels. Great porch. Didn’t actually show a composting toilet tho, a picture is almost always worth a thousant words. The garage door? Not lately. A wall with windows, and a regular door, would be less expensive, much less inclined to let cold air in, ‘much’ less prone to not working or breaking thus much less expense for repairs and much easier to repair, and also takes up space you could use for a storage loft, or whatever. And those outdoor steps, have GOT to go – either steps and door at the back, with hand rail, or less steep and handrail at the present location. But all in all, not bad.

  • Avatar keith

    i think it is great….and remember its not a year round home

  • Avatar Steve

    this is great! rural setting, minimal fuss, fun place to retreat to when you have that urge to escape. looking out as the sun comes up to that view through the roll up window door must be incredible. if that is a small trout stream down in the hollow, well… maybe heaven is obtainable. sure enjoyed looking. thx for the peek.

  • Avatar Rue

    Definitely not for full-time living, but it sure beats a tent. 🙂

    Put this one on the beach and I’d be there in a heartbeat (just goes to show that we all have different ideas of “heaven”!)

    • Avatar Mel

      LOL I think it’s a safe bet to say you are not familiar with John Denver’s Country Roads! In the lyrics he calls West Virginia “Almost Heaven”!

  • Avatar Dean

    Love this. A home, taken down to the bare essentials – Protection from the elements, a place to prepare a meal and something to lay your head on at night.
    Additional niceties with this structure I noticed – gorgeous view and the out-house has been brought in-house.
    Nice little hunters shack / weekender.

  • Avatar Janette Price

    I know this is not a year round home but what a year round view. I would want a permanent home here,BEAUTIFUL,BREATH TAKING!!!!

  • Avatar Gabrielle Charest

    Wow! Super cute!

  • Avatar Carol Strang

    How do you go about renting this tiny retreat

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