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Tiny Houses go Mainstream in July with Jay Shafer and Dee Williams

This is the video about Jay Shafer and his tiny houses that everyone has been talking about. Almost everyone I know has seen it but I wanted to post it here in case you missed it when it aired a few weekends ago on the front page of Yahoo!

This hit mainstream news and caused Tumbleweed Houses, Tiny House Blog, Tiny House Design, The Tiny Life, This Tiny House, RelaxShacks.com, and many other tiny house websites/blogs to have quite the spike in traffic.

The interest in smaller houses is definitely there–we already knew that–but it is exciting to experience it hit mainstream news.

Reminder: Tumbleweed Houses is offering a special on their Small House Book. If you have an interest in it already, it’s a great time to order it because they will automatically send you a set of tiny house plans for FREE (usually they are worth $200-$900) so take advantage while the offer still stands.

Anyways, the video can be watched below and here is the link to the Small House Book special if you’re interested. (Link opens in a new window)

Later in the month, Dee Williams and her tiny house were featured on PBS (link to her interview here at Tiny House Talk) causing another increase in interest for smaller spaces. It has been quite an exciting month!

Also- Dee is going to be hosting a tiny house building workshop through Tumbleweed Houses October 29-30, 2011.

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