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Tiny House Technology #1–Small Portable Scanner

vupoint magic wand portable scannerThis is the first of the Tiny House Technology series. Here, we’ll explore available and conceptual technology that can help us downsize/simplify our lives.

I saw this VuPoint Solutions “Magic Wand” Portable Scanner (PDS-ST410-VP) at Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday. It’s about $99 and runs off of AA batteries.

It’s very small for a scanner and allows you to scan important documents right into a microSD memory card.

[sniplet contentgooglead3]

I’d like this so I can throw away more of the papers I leave laying around and just keep copies digitally. I can also use it for research and storing important personal notes that I’ve written on paper.

It’s a great resource for students and writers. Especially if you’re in the library and need a few pages off of one of those books you cannot check out.

I found it at Amazon for a little bit cheaper than Bed Bath and Beyond so below is the link. (opens in new window)

Order one here (Amazon)

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